Hitting your fitness goals with 100% legal & Natural anabolic supplements.

Our supplements are manufactured to the highest quality. We manufacture to (BRC) standards and Pharma Grade. Our supplements are 100% natural with no artificial additives.

Safe, 100% legal steroid alternatives to help you hit your workout goals using natural supplements.

Safe, 100% legal steroid alternatives to help you hit your workout goals using natural supplements.

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Shop By goal

Active Genetics Ingredients

All Natural

We take advantage of what nature provides by using the best natural ingredients for our supplements.

100% Legal

All ingredients used in our products are legal to buy and consume. No stress, just focus on your fitness goals.

Ingredients To Fuel Your Body

Achieve anabolic results without the side-effects that come with steroids.

Tablet Form

No injections in sight, just handy tablet form supplements that are easy to take where ever you may be.

100% Natural & safe

Alternatives to dianabol, clenbuterol, HGH, anavar, trenbolone and more.

Transform your body

With high strength, potent and natural supplements to help bulk, cut and more.

Go to the next level

Ensure your fitness hits new goals, legally and naturally. 100% safe to use supplements.

No needles

No needles required, no prescriptions or legality issues. Just focus on the workout.


SUST (Sustanon)

120 capsules

This Sustanon alternative boosts testosterone levels, resulting in remarkable gains in strength, muscle growth, energy, and performance. It is made from a blend of ingredients that boost test levels, including D-aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins D, B6, and K1.

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Tren (Trenbolone)

90 Capsules

TREN which safely re-creates the incredible androgenic effects of Trenbolone, the most versatile steroid of all time. Expect immense muscle gains, excellent strength and power, superb physical conditioning, fast healing and everything else in between.

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DBOL (Dianabol)

£59.99 £49.99
5.00 out of 5

CLEN (Clenbuterol)

£59.99 £49.99
5.00 out of 5

VAR (Anavar)

£59.99 £49.99
4.67 out of 5

Natural VS Steroids

  • No need for injections
  • No prescriptions
  • No side effects
  • All natural ingredients
  • 100% safe & legal

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4 Pack

Bulking Stack

You want to pack on muscle. Fast.

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Female Cutting

Trim with a defined look.

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Strength Stack

Increase Strength and Power.

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Growth Stack

Get big adding real gains.

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Strong, lean, muscular physique.

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"There are a lot of supplements out there but AG made it easier to pick the right option for my cutting goals. Super happy with the results."

Janeta Sanchez

"I love the natural elements of the supplement. I get a great pump, feel awesome and have no side effects that I have read about with steroids."

Lempor Kooper

“I wanted to try a new style of packing on muscle instead of eating so much during the day. So far so good, I am enjoying the AG supp's and will for sure be ordering more again.”

Zonalos Neko

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If you’re looking for the best legal steroids to build muscle and add strength, you’ve come to the right place. Active Genetics™ legal steroids are natural tablet based supplements that offer similar benefits to anabolic steroids but without side effects. We only use the very best natural, raw ingredients.

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