Recording Heart Rate

There are several ways to record your heart rate, depending on your preference and the equipment you have available. Here are a few examples:

  1. Heart rate monitors: These are wearable devices that can track your heart rate continuously throughout the day. They come in several forms, including wristbands, chest straps, and watches, and can sync with a smartphone app or fitness tracker.
  2. Fitness trackers: Many fitness trackers, such as Fitbit, can track your heart rate throughout the day, along with other metrics like steps taken and calories burned.
  3. Smartphone apps: There are several smartphone apps that can track your heart rate, either by using the phone’s built-in sensors or by using an external sensor that connects to the phone.
  4. Manual pulse check: You can also check your heart rate manually by placing two fingers on your wrist or neck and counting the number of beats in a set amount of time. This method is less accurate than using a heart rate monitor but can still give you a general idea of your heart rate.

It is important to note that heart rate can vary depending on several factors, including age, fitness level, and overall health. Always talk to your healthcare

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